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Welcome to Conceal KYTM, your place for KY concealed carry information.  This site is dedicated to information about the Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons (CCDW) license.  On this site you will find information about the requirements, procedures, training and timing for obtaining your CCDW license.

We take your 2nd Amendment rights seriously.  We also take the safety of the general public seriously as well.  We believe that owning and using a firearm is a right that carries with it life and death responsibility.  At Conceal KY we are educating and preparing firearm owners to responsibly exercise their constitutional rights.  We believe that if citizens do not exercise their rights in a responsible way that we run the risk of having them restricted to a point that we are unable to exercise them freely.

Let Conceal KY help you prepare to exercise your rights.

There are a lot a places that you can go to find information on concealed carry KY and to find a place to get your Kentucky concealed carry training. We recognize that we have to provide you with an experience that will differentiate us from other trainers. With Conceal KY you can train with confidence knowing that you are getting "world class" training from certified firearms instructors who take your education seriously.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"

2nd Amendment to the US Constitution

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For additional information on the Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons (CCDW) license, visit the Kentucky State Police website: